GPLHost Singapore site
GPLHost Singapore hosting has now his new website.
Why GPLHost Singapore?
messenger support Messenger, and phone support
call back service Call back service to 35 countries
hosting price comparaison list Fair prices based on traffic
web hosting control panel Unique control panel
automatic installer Automatic installater (phpBB, phpNuke, osCommerce, Drupal...)
Free DNS & MX backup service
Antivirus + spam quarantine
Real time bandwidth monitoring
Not enough? Try our hosting control panel demo here, login is dtc, password demosite.

GPLHost Singapore Hosting: web spaces featuring GPL control panel!

GPLHost Singapore is the leading provider of Xen VPS solutions in Singapore. We provide shared, eCommerce and dedicated server hosting solutions, as well as virtual private servers in the Singapore area, using the technology provided by our mother company GPLHost.

Have the root on a Xen Virtual Private Server (VPS) using our control panel to manage your Xen web hosting (control panel setup for free), using the Xen virtualisation technology.
multidomain shared web hosting
Shared hosting
We do unlimited multidomain hosting with client control panel access.
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ssl hosting with private ip
HTTPS Hosting / private IP
Your SSL site with your own private IP with dedicated bandwidth to get the maximum server reaction.
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private virtual servers (VPS) hosting
Xen Virtual Private Servers
Our virtual private servers use Xen and come with our GPL control panel pre-installed.
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dedicated servier hosting
Dedicated servers
Order a dedicated server with DTC control panel and free management.
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GPLHost:>_ is hosting from Singapore since 2004/2005. A new branch company have been built in 2005/2006 in Singapore especialy to serve our customer better in that east-asia location.
Singapore is simply the best place in this area to de web hosting, with lower costs and better connections than everywhere else. GPLHost Singaore brings you the best support for the DTC control panel in Asia, and adds custom on-demand features for it's customers.
GPLHost is the only web hosting company in the world that has released a full control panel in open-source...
...and that makes a world of difference!